Multi-Axis CNC Turning Center Kamioka YT-52

Multi-Axis CNC Turning Center Kamioka YT-52

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Kamioka YT-52

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Item/Model No.

Unit YT-52
Max. Swing Over Bed mm (in.) ø600 (ø23.62)
Max. Over Cross Slide mm (in.) ø300 (ø11.81)
Max. Turning Dia mm (in.) ø300 (ø11.81)
Max. Turning Length mm (in.) 730 (28.74)
Through Bar Capacity mm (in.) ø52 (ø2.05)
Spindle Motor kW (HP) 15 (20)
Spindle Speed rpm 4,000
Spindle Nose ASA A2-6
Spindle Bore mm (in.) ø62 (ø2.44)
Chuck Dia. 8"
Axis Travel
X-axis Travel mm (in.) 200 (7.87)
Z-axis Travel mm (in.) 790 (31.1)
Y-axis Travel mm (in.) 100±50 (3.94±1.97)
X-axis Rapid Feedrate mm/min (ipm) 20,000 (787.4)
Z-axis Rapid Feedrate mm/min (ipm) 24,000 (944.88)
Y-axis Rapid Feedrate mm/min(ipm) 10,000 (393.7)
Tool Station pcs 12
Square Shank Tool Size mm (in.) □25 (□0.98)
Boring Tool Size mm (in.) ø40 (ø1.57)
Indexing Type Servo & Power Turret (BARUFFALDI-TBMR 200)
Tool Holder VDI40
Travel of Tailstock mm (in.) 790 (31.1)
Dia. Of Tailstock Hole mm (in.) ø85 (ø3.35)
Travel of Tailstock Shaft mm (in.) 100 (3.94)
Taper of Tailstock MT5
General Information
Dimension (W×D×H) mm (in.) 3,250×1,800×2,300 (127.95×70.87×90.55)
Machinery Weight (Net) kg (lb.) 6,000 (13,200)
1.Full Enclosure Splash Guard
2.Three-jaw Hydraulic Hollow Chuck
3.VDI40 12-station Power Turret
4.Spindle with Cs axis (Hydraulic Disk Braking) 
5.Y axis Function
6.Coolant System
7.Auto Lubrication
8.Coolant Flush System for Inside Cover
9.Two layers Impact Resistant Viewing Window
10.Hydraulic Pressure Detection Switch
11.Foot Switch for Hydraulic Chuck
12.Soft Jaw & Hard Jaw, 1SET for Each
13.Work Lamp & Alarm Indicator
14.Service Tools & Leveling Bolts
15.Chip Conveyor & Bucket
16.Bar Feeder Interface
17.Hydraulic Tailstock
18.Mechanical & Electrical Operation Manuals
19.Precision Check Data
1.BMT65 12-station Power Turret
2.Various Tool Holders upon Working Request
3.Parts Catcher
4.Parts Conveyor
5.Oil Skimmer
6.Bar Feeder
7.Programmable Tailstock
8.Tool Setting Probe
9.Workpiece Measurement

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