Strung CNC cu turela verticalaTV 2300 16

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TV 2300 16

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The serie includes different models with different turning diameters and it’s perfect for heavy cutting of large parts such as rings, gears and car and industrial wheels. On these vertical lathes is also possible to mount the live tools (option) so to complete any other machining as drilling, tapping and milling with an unique fixture.


Vertical turret cutting diameter (Max.) mm 2300
Side turret cutting diameter (Max.) mm 2000
Diameter of worktable mm 2000
Max. height of workpiece mm 1600
Max. weight of workpiece Ton 8
Speed range of worktable turning rpm 1900-01-03 04:48:00
Speed step of worktable turning step 16
Vertical/side turret feeding range mm/min 0.8-86
Vertical/side turret feeding step step 12
Vertical turret traverse (horizontal) mm 1200
Vertical turret traverse (vertical) mm 1300
Toolpost No. 5
Main motor kW 30
Electrical supply V/Hz 400/50 3PH

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