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SN 350 SA

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     Lever with safety button. Oblique cut 0-60° right and 0-45° left. Automatic descent of the blade-support arc and return at end of cutting (semi-automatic version). Electronic push-button (semi-automatic version). Fast clamping vice. Versions: SAV - Semi-automatic version, automatic descent of the blade-support arc, automatic piece clamping.

Standard Accessories

• Blade cooling system, blade tensioner, quick blocking clamp, adjustable piece stop, bandsaw ring, service wrenches and user manual.


Cutting capacity 90° round mm 270
Cutting capacity 45° round mm 240
Cutting capacity 60° round mm 160
Cutting capacity 45° sx round mm 210
Cutting capacity 90° square mm 260x260
Cutting capacity 45° square mm 220x220
Cutting capacity 60° square mm 150x150
Cutting capacity 45° sx square mm 180x180
Cutting capacity 90° rectangular mm 350x220
Cutting capacity 45° rectangular mm 240x160
Blade dimensions mm 27x0,9x2950
Blade speed m/min 34-68
Motor kW 1.5
Electrical supply V/Hz 400/50 3 PH
Dimensions mm 1880x749x1715
Weight kg 360

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